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Perseus and Medusa Perseverance

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No great hero ever became a hero without a more than a little perseverance. Despite all the barriers in Perseus' way, still he bravely trudges forward. Even though the task of delivering Medusa's head to his king seems impossible, he never quits. In a way, he was like the Jack Bauer of the ancient world. He gets the job done no matter what it takes. Perseverance is one of those qualities that everybody seems to admire. We're guessing that's why so many of our heroes, real and imaginary, have it in spades.

Questions About Perseverance

  1. What are the major obstacles that Perseus has to conquer?
  2. Where do you think that Perseus' perseverance is most tested? Why?
  3. How does Perseus' perseverance compare to that of other Greek heroes like Odysseus?
  4. What kinds of supernatural help does Perseus receive? Would he have been able to persevere without it?

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