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Perseus Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Perseus never did make it to Mount Olympus after he died. Unlike Heracles, he wasn't turned into a god. He was turned into a constellation, though, which is pretty good consolation prize... or should we say constellation prize. Hehehe. (Okay sorry, that was a bad one.) Anyway, if you want to see Perseus these days, just look up into the sky find a pattern of stars like this. Just like in most of the paintings and statues of him, he's up there holding the severed head of Medusa. You'd think he'd stop bragging about decapitating her after awhile, right?

Physical Description

Sex: Male
Age: Youngish
Build: Muscular, Fabio-like
Complexion: Peaches 'n cream
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Facial Hair: Nope
Scars/Marks/Tattoos: Just the typical battle scars any kickbutt warrior might have
Jewelry and Accessories: Dude, seriously?
Clothing: Hermes' winged sandals
Armor: Hades' helmet of invisibility (a.k.a. Helm of Darkness), a shiny bronze shield
Type of Weapon: Medusa's head and a sword

Typical Companions

Other Information

Known Hangouts: You can usually find Perseus in Hades, the underworld, or in the sky (where's he's a constellation).

Getaway Vehicle: Since his dad is the god of the sky, is it any surprise that Perseus prefers to fly? His typical getaway vehicles are Hermes' winged sandals or Pegasus (in some stories).

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