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Phaeton Icarus

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Okay, just like that of Phaeton, the story of this winged wonder comes from the Greeks, but the two stories are so similar, we just had to point them out. Just like Phaeton, Icarus was a total drop out... like he literally dropped out of the sky to meet his death.

To escape imprisonment at the hands of King Minos, Icarus' dad, Daedalus invented some wings made of feathers and wax. Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun, or too close to the sea, but like Phaeton, Icarus was not a good listener and a bit of a waterhead to boot. He got so wrapped up in flying that he soared closer and closer to the sun. Next thing he knew, the wax in his wings melted, and he crashed to a watery death in the sea.

So, these are similar not only because they involve a kid falling from the sky to his doom, but also because both Icarus and Phaeton ran into some pretty major trouble with the sun. Also, notice that they both fell into a body of water. Both myths also have same moral: listen to what your parents tell you. Icarus and Phaeton both died because they were so full of pride that they thought they knew what was best for them.

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