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Prometheus and Pandora

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In the immortal words of REM's Michael Stipe, "Everybody hurts sometimes."

It's no secret that everyone suffers. And it's also no secret that we all wonder WHY?! Yep, in all caps. Because suffering seems totally unfair, doesn't it?

We weren't the first people to ask these tough questions, either. The Ancient Greeks were totally on top of it. And in order to answer the question of suffering, they did what they do best: they came up with a story. And that, folks, is where Prometheus and Pandora come in.

This story might not satisfy your desire for answers, but it'll at least let you know that you're not the only one who wants 'em.

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Prometheus and Pandora Resources

Why do you think this streaming music site took its name from Pandora?

Movies and Videogames

Pandora is Everywhere
We couldn't pick just one. Check out all the movies that get their names from our leading lady.

Our Main Man in 3-D
Prometheus has his share of movie namesakes, too, but we're big fans of this 2012 sci-fi adventure.

God of War
Both Prometheus and Pandora get shout-outs in the God of War series.


Disney-fied Prometheus
Check out Prometheus when he shows up in an episode of Disney's cartoon series Hercules.

Prometheus Bound in Stop-Motion
Man, they will animate anything. This version of the Aeschylus play is pretty trippy.


Lord Byron
Prometheus was a poetic muse, apparently. Listen to this reading of "Prometheus," a poem by Lord Byron, and tell us: does it follow the story?

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