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Prometheus - The Teachers

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The Teachers

Forget Teacher of the Year—Prometheus gets the award for best teacher of all time. By bringing fire to mankind and teaching us how to use it, he totally made us what we are today. According to Aeschylus, he also taught us all kinds of awesome things, like agriculture and, you know, science. If you ask us, Prometheus deserves the parking spot of honor for the rest of eternity.


Chiron, the wise and gentle centaur, is super smart. Back in the day, he taught all kinds of famous heroes like Achilles and Jason. His specialties are medicine and prophecy, but he also knows more than a little bit about everything else.


This deity from the Gilbert Islands is said to have taught people all kinds of helpful things. Navigating, building houses, seeing the future—you name it, and this guy passed it on. Being the son of the Sun itself, Bue had the inside scoop on a ton of different subjects, and he didn't mind sharing the wealth.


This goddess is the creator of everything for the people of New Guinea and Melanesia. After she was done making everything there was, she came down to teach human beings all they needed to know to survive. Seems like a pretty nice lady to us.

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