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Pyramus and Thisbe Love

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There's no missing the love in this myth. After all, it's the desperate love between Pyramus and Thisbe that causes all the problems to begin with. Actually, scratch that—it's the fact that their families won't let them get together. If Pyramus and Thisbe had been allowed to get married, they wouldn't have had to concoct their plan to secretly meet under the mulberry tree to elope. Translation: no one would have died. Right?

Questions About Love

  1. In what ways does the love of Pyramus and Thisbe bring about their death? How does the hatred between their families contribute? Do you think the love or the hatred is more to blame for the deaths of Pyramus and Thisbe?
  2. Do Pyramus and Thisbe truly love each other, or is it just childish infatuation?
  3. What do you think Pyramus and Thisbe say to each other through the crack of that wall?

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