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Ra (Re) - The Bosses

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The Bosses

These gods and goddesses are always in charge, whether it's in class, on the playground, or after school. Don't mess with them.


Ra's not sure what he thinks of the ultimate Greek god. He likes how he keeps the Olympians in line, but doesn't approve of Zeus's cheating on Hera. (Ra and Hera are pretty good friends; they both like bird-watching.)


It's easy for Odin to hang out with Ra, because he only has to cover one eye! Since both know all the secrets of the universe, Odin and Ra also have lots to talk about.


Ra and Dagda haven't been on the best terms since Dagda made the sun stand still for nine months (on the day his son Oenghus was born). It might be a while before they make up. Both gods are stubborn.

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