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Ra (Re) - The Fabulous Felines

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The Fabulous Felines

These gods and goddesses have cats for symbols, or even their forms. They can has cheeseburger—and anything else they want. Are you going to argue? As the Great Cat, Ra gets to be a team captain.


Bast is such a cat lady that sometimes, she actually is a cat. The rest of the time, she's just a woman with a cat's head. Her kittens go everywhere with her, in a specially made basket, and the shield she carries into war has a big lion's head on it to scare off evil.


This Norse goddess loves cats so much, two of them pull her chariot. (They're very big cats.) She often keeps cats around, except when she's weaving magic—that's not something you want the cats to get into.


Don't ever call Maahes a nice kitty. He might rip your face off with those huge claws, or his giant knife that he uses to carve up evil demons. Maahes comes from southern Egypt and hangs out a lot with Bast and Sekhmet, two other cat lovers.


Ever since he killed the Nemean Lion, this Greek god has been hanging out with the cat gods, wearing the lion's coat. The other gods are smart enough to realize that Heracles isn't really a lion, but nobody has the guts to say it to his face.

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