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Ra (Re) Spotter's Guide

Spotter's Guide

You can't really miss Ra—he's the sun, after all. If you walk outside and start squinting, you'll know he's around. Also, he sometimes looks like a cat, so that helps. But make sure you catch him during the day, because at night, he heads down to the Duat, and he doesn't really like to be bothered.

Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Build: Starting to get a little old in human form; looking fine as the Great Cat.
Complexion: Ra has a great tan.
Hair Color: If his falcon head has a wig, it's usually lapis blue. If he's in cat form, he's gold with black spots, like a cheetah. Every once in a while, he has a bull's head or a ram's head, and even more rarely, he grabs a big black beetle to put over his face! (Ew.)
Facial Hair: A nice pharaoh's beard
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: Royal necklaces; a crown with a round sun-disk and a cobra; various royal scepters
Clothing: A white kilt with red and gold accents
Armor: A shirt of golden scale mail
Type of Weapon: Sometimes Ra has a khopesh (a curved long sword), and sometimes he just lets his bodyguards handle things.

Typical Companions:

Ra's bodyguards: Hu (words), Sia (wisdom), and Heka (magic)
Various other gods who visit the Sun Boat

Known Hangouts:

The Sun Boat
The sky (during the day), the Duat (the place the sun goes at night)
The beach

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