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Renenutet - Ag Club

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Ag Club

Demeter is the president of this club that's all about farming and agriculture. The members spend a lot of time in the green house and the community garden, and they take a lot of field trips to check out local farms. They're pretty popular: sometimes they grow enough fresh vegetables to give to kids in the cafeteria. As good as those rectangular pieces of pizza are (especially with ketchup), fresh food is way better, don't you think?


Chac is a Mayan god of agriculture, fertility, rain, and lightning. Usually, he appears as a reptile-looking dude with fangs, a turned-up nose, teary eyes, and crazy, tangled hair. Demeter is a bit prettier, but they both get all bossy when it comes to the seasons. When Chac feels like it, there's a lot of rain and crops sprout all over the place. However, when Chac decides it's time for the dry season, everybody just has to wait it out. Most of the time, Chac is friendly to humanity; like with Demeter, it's said that he taught humans the art of agriculture. Stiff competition.


Sif is the Norse goddess of grain and agriculture. She had a huge embarrassment when the trickster god, Loki, cut off all her hair while she was asleep. It turned out all right, though, because her BF, Thor, forced Loki to make her some new hair out of pure gold. Some say that Sif's golden hair represents golden fields of wheat. Check out the case file here. And we thought Demeter was cool with her garland of wheat. This gal's got hair of wheat... well, almost.


In Greek mythology, Gaia is the ancient goddess of the earth itself. (You might know her better as Mother Earth.) She is thought of as one of the oldest divine beings of them all, since she was one of the first to spring from Chaos, the empty void that existed before anything else. You can bet that this lady knows all about agriculture.

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