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Renenutet - Lucky Ladies and Lords

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Lucky Ladies and Lords

You've got to have Fortune's grace to get in this club. These goddesses and gods help control the strings of fate—they can go for or against you. They'll cut off the life span of those they hate, so be sure to never steal their lunch money.


The Greek Lady Luck, Tyche loves sailing. She's often shown steering a boat in the right direction—showing just how she controls human lives. She can go in any direction, though, good or bad—so you'd better offer her cookies when she wants 'em.

Seven Lucky Gods

Yep, count them—seven. These Japanese deities of fortune are a group that's so fortuitous, you can't even throw a glare their way! Every New Year's Eve, they drive a boat full of treasure into the heavens for the gods. How nice!


This Hindu elephant-headed god is one lucky man. He's the son of Shiva and Parvati and is also invoked at the beginning of a project so those completing it are lucky ducklings. Place a statue of him near your door so every time you enter, you'll be nothing but pleased.

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