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Renenutet Sightings

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Jan 1, 1970 - Jan 1, 1970

Pyramid Texts

Don't come near the pharaoh, or I—or my BFF, the snake Wadjet—will blast you with fire from atop the pharaoh's crown. I'm that cool. Beware!

Jan 1, 1970 - Jan 1, 1970

Astarte and the Insatiable Sea

Water doesn't take care of itself. Years ago, the sea wanted tribute from us gods. We couldn't do anything to stop him from being mean, so I was chosen to bring him tribute because I rep the harvest, most likely. Blech.

Jan 1, 1970 - Jan 1, 1970

The Book of the Dead (The Papyrus of Ani)

Luck is a lady tonight—for Rameses. He calls himself the "lord of Shai (destiny) and creator of Renenet (me)." He's just a king—he didn't create me, but he's so powerful, I'll let this pass.

Jan 1, 1970 - Dec 20, 2019

Hymns to Isis

Wanna get spiritual? I'm here in the modern day in a description of deities of Egypt, but I only get a brief mention. Come on—I'm the harvest goddess!

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