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Romulus and Remus - Amulius vs. Rhea Sylvia

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Amulius vs. Rhea Sylvia

Case Description: Complainant (Amulius) accuses Defendant (Rhea Sylvia) of breaking her vows of chastity. When Amulius took Alba Longa from his brother Numitor, he forced his niece, Rhea Sylvia, to become a Vestal Virgin so that she would never have a male heir. Amulius' plans were foiled, though, when the war god, Mars, seduced Rhea Sylvia and impregnated her with twin boys named Romulus and Remus.

Case Status: Case closed. As punishment, Amulius threw Rhea Sylvia and her baby boys into the River Tiber to drown.

Addendum: Amulius' method of capital punishment proved ineffective when the river god, Tiberius, saved the boys and took Rhea Sylvia for a wife.

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