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Romulus and Remus Sightings

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Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

The Aeneid by Virgil

(Spoiler alert!) Jupiter predicts that Aeneas' descendent Romulus will found Rome in this epic poem.


Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 0099

Fasti by Ovid

Get the scoop on the Roman founding fathers from one of the most famous Roman poets of all.

Dec 20, 2019

The Metamorphoses by Ovid

Get the low down on the famous brothers in this mega-collection of mythological poems by Mr. Ovid himself.

Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 0199

Parallel Stories by Pseudo-Plutarch

Yup, you guessed it. Here you will find yet another version of the tale of the twins.

Dec 20, 1961

Duel of the Titans

This movie tells the story of Romulus and Remus clashing with their uncle—and then with each other.

Dec 20, 1961

Romulus and the Sabines

"No women? No problem. Let's just kidnap some of those Sabine chicks," says Romulus in this film.

Dec 20, 2019

Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Universe, Romulus is an immortal wolf-man who constantly plagues the life of Wolverine. (Bad Romulus, bad!)

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