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Sekhmet - Doctors

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These gods of health, fitness, and medicine are always in the best shape. Sekhmet's the girl of the group, and maybe the most intimidating of the bunch, too.


Apollo is super-smart and powerful over healing and plagues, just like Sekhmet. He's also very buff. He gets an Olympic workout every day—literally—in the chariot of the sun.


If you make the gods angry, you'll get sick. Babalu-Aye can make you sick, but he also knows how to make you better when you're ready to apologize. Babalu-Aye comes from West Africa, and he also came to Cuba with African slaves who were taken there. Ever seen the old TV show "I Love Lucy?" Lucy's husband, Desi, sang a very famous song to Babalu-Aye.


Apollo's son is the brainiac god of doctors and medicine. When Imhotep, the ancient Egyptian priest who became a god after he died, showed up in Greece, they called him Asclepius, too.

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