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Sekhmet - The Wrecking Crew

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The Wrecking Crew

Some people just like to break stuff, or they're good at trashing things. At least these gods only trash things that need to be trashed! Mostly…


She's got eight arms full of weapons to smash evil, and what this Hindu goddess doesn't cut down with the weapons or stomp under her dancing feet, she chomps down with her fangs and big red tongue. Even Sekhmet does her best not to make The Devourer angry.

Artemis (Diana)

This Greek goddess is a powerful hunter and a dangerous enemy, but she usually doesn't go out of her way to break anything, unless you don't take the hint. Then, you're likely to get a face full of arrows if you don't start running.

Ares (Mars)

Look out! Rome's ultimate god of war will squish you flat if you get in his way, especially when he's angry. Unlucky for us, he's angry most of the time.

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