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Selene (Luna) - Looney Ladies

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Looney Ladies

You won't find these goddesses up during the day. Nope—they stay up all night carrying the moon across the sky. Yeah, it's a tedious job, but there are a few perks. Soaring through the sky, the wind in your hair, the moon glowing on top of your head… sound pretty fancy to us.


Artemis is the wild virgin goddess of the hunt. According to some, she also eventually replaced Selene as the goddess of moon. Sounds like how Apollo, Artemis' twin brother, snatched the job of sun god away from Selene's brother, Helios. It runs in the family


Though she's mainly considered the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads, Hecate is also sometimes thought of as a moon goddess. One of her duties is making sure the moon gets across the sky every night—sounds like Selene to us.

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