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Selene (Luna) - The International Shepherds Union vs. Selene

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The International Shepherds Union vs. Selene

Case Description: Complainant (The International Shepherds Union) accuses Defendant (Selene) of sexual assault. The ISU accused Selene of improper conduct with Endymion, a shepherd and card carrying member of the union. Selene totally fell in love with the handsome man when she saw him sleeping on a hill as she flew over on her nightly ride across the sky. She asked Zeus to make him forever young and immortal. Zeus granted her request, but Endymion also had to remain asleep forever. To this day, Selene visits the sleeping Endymion every night and has her way with him—even going so far as having 50 daughters with him.

Case Status: Case dismissed. Some sources say that Endymion chose his fate voluntarily, making the ISU's claims invalid. There are also reports that he actually was a king or a hunter, meaning the ISU has no jurisdiction at all.

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