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Serapis - Leadership Workshop

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Leadership Workshop

Every school’s got kids who rule, and god school is no exception. Serapis sits on the student council, along with the leaders of each divine nation. Just don’t ask them to elect a president—we’ll be here for millennia waiting for them to agree...

Zeus (Jupiter)

He’s king of the gods of Olympus, and you better watch out. If he’s not trying to kill his dad and take his place, he’s off trying to steal everybody else’s women. When it comes to leadership? Zeus is a mover and a shaker.


So he’s missing an eye—this doesn’t stop Odin from laying the smack down on the Norse pantheon when he needs to, or keeping them on their fur-wrapped toes the rest of the time. Some of the workshop members think he’s a little old to be sitting on the council, but then he just uses his unlimited magic to look a lot younger. It’s weird, but effective.

Conchobar mac Nessa

No maiden in Ireland is safe from his charming gaze. Wait… did you think we were talking about Zeus again? No chance. We’re talking about the man of Ulster himself, Conchobar mac Nessa. When he’s not occupied with trying to convince Deirdre to come back to him, he’s not bad at dealing with palace drama.

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