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Spotter's Guide

You’d think a Greek guy in the middle of a bunch of Egyptians would stick out, but remember: By the time Serapis was created, almost everybody was dressing like a Greek anyway. Thankfully, our buddy Serapis still has special items to make him stand out from the Olympian crowd. And if he’s appearing as a bull or a snake, he definitely stands out.

Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Build: I'm sturdy, whether in human, snake, or bull form.
Complexion: As a man, I'm light-skinned; as a bull, I have dark black fur; and as a snake, I'm black or green.
Hair Color: As a man, I have lots of shaggy black or gray hair and a long, curly beard; as a bull, I rock black fur with a white diamond on my forehead; and I'm bearded when in snake form.
Facial Hair: As a snake or a human, I sport a long, curly black or grey beard; when I'm in bull form, it's all black fur all the time.
Scars/Marks/Tattoos: None, though sometimes I have ram horns curving out of my hair.
Jewelry and Accessories: I love to wear a modius (a basket used to measure grain) as a hat, and sometimes, Cerberus hangs out at my feet. I keep Cerberus on a chain made out of a snake, and instead of three dog heads like the Greek version of Cerberus seen with Hades, the Egyptian Cerberus has one dog head, one lion head, and one wolf head (it looks just as weird as it sounds).
Clothing: In human form, sometimes I wear long robes, and sometimes I go buck-naked. And as a snake or bull, well, I'm always nude.
Armor: None
Type of Weapon: Sometimes I carry a long, deadly club like the one Hercules carries, but more often, it's just a staff or walking stick.

Typical Companions:


Known Hangouts:

Palaces in Rome, Egypt, and all over the ancient world—everybody loves me
My very own wing of the Library of Alexandria
Drinking parties with Dionysos
ZZ Top concerts

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