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Seshat - Bookworms

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This click is made up of gods and goddesses of knowledge and writing. As you might have guessed, they meet in the library, and they're definitely the most well-read group out there. Seshat's a full-fledged library card-carrying member.


This Greek god is always helping out younger kids after school. He really enjoys lending a hand, even though Zeus always gives him a hard time about it and says that one day he'll get burned.

Wenchang Wang (Wen Ti)

Wenchang came from China and brought cases of books with him. He loves books, and aces all the exams he takes. It's not surprising, since Chinese kids prayed to him for good luck on their tests for thousands of years.


Even with one eye, Odin probably reads three times as many books as everybody else. He just can't get enough knowledge. Once he even hung himself upside down from a tree so he could read the runes at the bottom of a magic pool. Talk about dedication!

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