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Seshat - Math Team

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Math Team

Shmoop was on the math team in high school, so we're totally down with this clique. Who needs calculators and slide rules when you can eat, breathe, and sleep math? Seshat knows everything there is to know about numbers, and she's definitely in good company.


When you're the daughter of the god who knows everything, and you're a smart cookie yourself, people try to cheat off your paper during tests. But only fools would try to copy Athena's answers. She'd spear them through the eyeball before letting them get away with it. (Ouch.)


Most people know this god as the Norse guy who's really good with poetry. But what is poetry if not words in specific sets of rhyming numbers? Bragi's quick with a number or a noun, and you can't beat him at all if both are involved.


He's a centaur, but he can calculate star trajectories or medicinal properties. Just make sure he's got enough paper and pencils and a desk that he won't flip over with all those horse feet.

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