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Seth (Set) - Wild Childs

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Wild Childs

When Seth's not off by himself or entertaining his four very lovely ladies, he can be found rough-housing with the other gods in this clique. They aren't exactly bullies, but you probably don't want to mess with them—just in case.

Artemis (Diana)

If you watch this Greek goddess on the hunt, you'd have a hard time telling her apart from any of the other boys in the club. She's as tough as it gets, and she isn't very fond of the other gods. Or this clique, for that matter.

Dionysus (Bacchus)

This guy's got it all: babes, booze, and an endless supply of adventure. Dionysus can get his Greek and Roman buddies to hang out and party, or he can take it to the next level with his Maenads. These girls are the wildest thing around. Invite them to the party and you might not go home in one piece.


The Norse god of thunder isn't just storming in the sky. He's a one-god wrecking ball with Mjolnir, his giant-smacking hammer. Make him mad, you may as well line yourself up for a pounding.

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