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Shu and Tefnut - Swim Team

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Swim Team

Tefnut's starting her 3000th year as team captain. This group of aquatic gods has different talents, but everybody loves the water. Shu's been known to jump into the pool from time to time, but somehow, he manages to stay completely dry.

Poseidon (Neptune)

Not only does the Greek god of everything ocean rule the pool, he probably owns it. And even if he doesn't, you're going to let him have it anyway, because nobody wants to argue with his giant, Titan-made trident that can cut gods into cocktail weenies.


Mama Yemaya rides the waves in the tidal pool, and spend her time trying to teach the younger gods to surf. Half the time, it looks like she's dancing instead of swimming. Maybe that's why Yemaya's Nigerian and Brazilian followers love dancing and singing for her on the beach?


He's on a boat! Don't you ever forget! Njord's all about Viking ships. We're not sure how well he can swim, but considering how much time he spends out in the sea, we'd be surprised if Njord can't swim circles around poor Shu.

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