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Sisyphus Manipulation

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Sisyphus is one wily dude, who doesn't think anything of manipulating those around him to get what he wants. Whether he's seducing his niece, toying with his wife, or fooling Death itself, Sisyphus is known far and wide as a trickster extraordinaire. In the end, though, Sisyphus learns the lesson that no matter how many clever manipulations he can concoct, he's just never going to outsmart the gods.

Questions About Manipulation

  1. What are the major manipulations that Sisyphus executes?
  2. What is the cost to others of Sisyphus's manipulations?
  3. What is the ultimate cost to Sisyphus of all his wily schemes? Was it all worth it? Explain your answer.
  4. Some say that wily Odysseus is actually the son of Sisyphus. Click here to learn more about Odysseus, then compare and contrast the two.
  5. Imagine that Sisyphus concocts a new scheme to escape his rock-rolling punishment. How do you think he would do it? Describe the plot.

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