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On the science fiction TV show Stargate, Sokar is a super creepy bad guy (a Goa'uld System Lord, to be precise) who also goes by the name "Satan." He made his own hell planet, in case you don't believe how evil he is. Ancient Egyptians never thought of Sokar as evil, though they were afraid of him.

A wealthy Egyptian named Mohamed Al-Fayed owns a famous 208-foot yacht named Sokar. It's famous because of a death, and not because the boat's named for a death god: in 1997, Mohamed's son Dodi and Britain's Princess Diana took a ride in the boat, just before they were killed in a car accident in Paris.

There's a town named Sokar in Pakistan No word if it's dark there all the time.

Egyptologists can't agree on what Sokar's name means. Some say it means "to clean the mouth of a mummy." Some think it means "adorned one" or "the one in the jewelry." Others point to the Isis and Osiris myth: as Seth murders Osiris, Osiris manages to get out one last sentence: "Hurry up and come help me!"—which doesn't sound like Sokar to us at all, but in ancient Egyptian sounded something like "soak-ah-ree!" Of course, we could just ask Sokar which meaning is right, but most people are too scared to try.

A Danish dude calling himself Sokar has some sweet Minecraft videos on YouTube.

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