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The Story of Oedipus Setting

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Corinth, Oracle of Delphi, Thebes

Though Oedipus grows up in this ancient city, none of the stories about him really spend a lot of time describing the place or his upbringing together. We'd like to believe that he had a nice time there... at least some part of his life ought to have been good. P.S. the modern city of Corinth is situated on the isthmus that connects the Peloponnesian peninsula with the mainland of Greece, very near where the ancient city once stood.

Oracle of Delphi
The Oracle of Delphi pops up several times in this story, which is no surprise. This place was majorly famous in the ancient Mediterranean world. For centuries, pilgrims traveled from all around the Mediterranean to the slopes of Mount Parnassus, where the Pythia gave out their cryptic prophecies (for a price). Basically, going to ask the Pythia a question was like Googling "What's my future?" and actually getting an answer, at least, a very weird one.

One of these days somebody ought to write a story about something nice that went down in Thebes. There had to be something happy that happened, right? As it is, we've got story after story of bad things that happened here. The suffering of Oedipus and his kids is only the tip of the iceberg. All in all, this ancient city is synonymous with doom and gloom.

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