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The Story of Oedipus Wisdom and Knowledge

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Wisdom and Knowledge

Oedipus is known for being a smart dude. After all, he was the only guy around who could figure out the riddle of the Sphinx. Unfortunately, for a large portion of his life he also lacks some significant information. If he'd known who his real parents were, he could've avoided some seriously unfortunate situations. You have to hand it to Oedipus, though, even when he's beginning to get the gist of the horrible truth, he doesn't stop searching for it. In the end, you could see Oedipus as representing all of humanity and our quest to understand the truth of ourselves and our place in the universe.

Questions About Wisdom and Knowledge

  1. Do you think the story of Oedipus shows the pursuit of knowledge as necessary or futile? Explain your answer.
  2. Do you think knowledge is shown as a positive or negative force in the story of Oedipus?
  3. Who would you say is the wisest character in the story? Why do you think so?
  4. Was it right of Oedipus to seek the truth about his identity despite warnings not to?
  5. What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?

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