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Syrinx - Abstinence Club (Virgin Goddesses)

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Abstinence Club (Virgin Goddesses)

These ladies just won't give up their V-Card. No matter what, they're staying chaste. Syrinx took this club so seriously that she turned into some reeds to escape the advances of Pan.


Like the rest of the girls in this clique, Hygeia, the goddess of health, decided to never worry her pretty little head about love. We guess she was too busy bringing good health to all alongside her dad, Asclepius, the god of medicine.


Hestia, goddess of the hearth, joined this club when both Poseidon and Apollo were competing to marry her. Not wanting to be any god's wife, she begged Zeus to let her be a virgin forever. The Roman version of Hestia is named Vesta, and her followers, the Vestal Virgins, were some of the most honored women in Rome.


Instead of spending energy on love notes and dating, Artemis and her swarm of virginal nymphs just ran around in the woods, hunting and frolicking in forest pools. Artemis took celibacy seriously... like really seriously. This one time, a follower of Artemis named Callisto was tricked into breaking her vow of celibacy, so Artemis turned her into a bear and shot her. Ouch.

Athena (Minerva)

The Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare swore off males completely. You seriously didn't want to test Athena on this either. Men that tried to get in her armor definitely paid for their disrespect. One time Hephaestus tried to force himself on her, and she totally shot him down.

Virgin Mary

This chaste woman is most famous for giving birth to Jesus without having sexual relations with any mortal man. Instead, God impregnated her with his son from on high. Jesus's conception has been compared to that of the Greek hero Perseus, who was conceived when Zeus came to the virginal Danaƫ as a golden shower.

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