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Syrinx - Tree Huggers

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Tree Huggers

These kids are the eco-friendly type. You'll usually find them outside the school, up to their arms in dirt as they plant some young sapling. Though some say that Syrinx was a river nymph (a naiad), most pin her as a hamadryad. This kind of nymph was so attached to a specific tree that they lived and died together. Ah, companionship.


This famous wife of Orpheus was said by some to be a dryad like Syrinx, so it's no wonder she's one of the most dedicated members of this clique. Also like Syrinx, Eurydice was chased to her death by a lusty male god. In Eurydice's case, Priapus tried to force himself on her. When she ran from him, she was bitten by a snake and took a trip straight to the Underworld.

Artemis (Diana)

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the wilderness, and she's all about trees. One of her favorite things to do is round up all the dryads, like Eurydice and Syrinx, and run with them through the trees while hunting down a wild boar or deer.


These ladies, worshipped by the Amman of Indonesia, are a whole lot like Syrinx, Eurydice, and their other dryad friends: they, too, are thought of as the spirits of trees.


Vegetation of all types sprout up everywhere this Incan got touched. Imagine that. Too bad Syrinx didn't meet this guy before Pan came along. Despite his instant fertility, this guy is totally single, and we bet they would've made a great match.


This Lithuanian deity is the goddess of wild groves and trees. We're pretty sure she would've gotten along with everybody in this tree-hugging clique.

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