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Tantalus Setting

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Olympus, Tartarus


Tantalus is one of the few mortals who's ever allowed on Mt. Olympus, the home of the gods. This peak in Greece is one of the most sacred places of all. It's like an extreme version of a gated community, where you have to be immortal to come hang out. Yeah, they may seem an itty bit snooty, but with the way Tantalus behaves, you can see why the gods don't make a habit of inviting mortals up there. (Way to mess it up for us all, Tantalus.)


The T-man ascends to some pretty impressive heights when he's invited to Zeus's exclusive dinner party on Mt. Olympus. After he manages to royally tick off the gods, however, he's cast down into the lowest place there is: Tartarus, the deepest pit of the Underworld. Tartarus makes the worst maximum-security prison you've ever heard of look like Disney World. This black pit is full of the most awful criminals you can imagine. This hellish place is full of inmates who all did awful things and must suffer awful punishments as a result

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