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The Trojan Horse

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The tale of "The Trojan Horse" is kind of like a war movie mixed with a thriller. You've got two big armies duking it out, bent on each other's total destruction. You've got brave heroes who'll do anything for their cause. And then there's a secret mission chock full of danger, with tons of lives hanging by threads. If that's not enough to keep an audience on the edge of its seat, we don't know what is.

There's no doubt that the stakes are high for every nail-biting moment of this tale. If the sneaky Greeks hiding in the giant wooden horse make it through the gates, then the great city of Troy and all its people are doomed. However, if one hidden Greek sneezes at the wrong time the Trojans definitely won't be saying, "Gesundheit." More likely, they'll bless that sneeze by setting the horse and every Greek inside it on fire. What happens? Well, you'll just have to click forward for the thrilling conclusion.

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The Trojan Horse Resources


Yes! Troy was real. Check out the archaeological site that is recognized by UNESCO.

Movie or TV Productions

Helen of Troy
The Trojan Horse rears its wooden head in this recent TV miniseries about the most beautiful woman of all time.

The wooden equine strikes again in this star-studded Hollywood take on the Trojan War, starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.


Handheld Awesomness
There's a seriously old-school handheld game inspired by the Trojan Horse, made by video game pioneers, Gakken.


Check out this old-school cartoon version of the story. Talk about retro...

Burning Man
This video shows tons of "burners" hauling a giant replica of the Trojan Horse through the desert. A good use of time and manpower? You be the judge.


Iliad for Your Ears
You look like the kind of person who would love to listen to the whole of Homer's Iliad read aloud.

The Iliad for Boys and Girls
Check it out! Click the link and you can listen to a version of the Iliad that's for younger folks.

Aeneid Out Loud
You can hear Aeneas describe the whole terrible incident here.


The Aeneid by Virgil
Get Aeneas' take on the sneakiest horse of all here.

The Fall of Troy by Quintus Smyrnaeus
An author with a funny name tells you all about Troy's unfunny demise.

The Trojan Horse: The Graphic Novel
You've totally got to check out this awesome illustrated version of the tale.

Marvel's Trojan War
The comic book gurus at Marvel take on the Trojan War in this very cool comic book adaptation.

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