The O-man is the main dude in this story. Wily as ever, Odysseus is the guy who comes up with the whole Trojan Horse plan. Odysseus is pretty famous for his many sneaky strategies and deceptions, but we're going to go out on a limb and say the Trojan Horse stratagem is his most famous. Anything that brings down an entire city and ends a ten-year-long war is definitely going to make a major impact.

What we're wondering, though, is whether Odysseus is the good guy or the bad guy in this story? If you ask a Greek, you might be told that he's a super brilliant hero who won the war with brains rather than brawn. If you ask a Trojan, they'd tell you that he's an evil mastermind who proved that all Greeks are sneaky cowards. The way we figure it, both sides have a point, and there's no real right answer to this question. Tell us, what do you think?

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