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The Theft of Thor's Hammer

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"The Theft of Thor's Hammer" is the story of how the toughest, manliest, most burly of the Norse gods, Thor the Thunder God, has to dress up like a woman to get his hammer back. He really doesn't want to, but it isn't just any hammer that's been stolen – it's Mjollnir, the magical hammer made by the dwarves, the one that never misses its mark and always returns to Thor's hands once it has done his business. This hammer is so important that Thor agrees to dress up like Freyja, the most beautiful goddess of all, in order to get it back from the frost giant who has stolen it.

Thor wasn't the first macho man forced to cross-dress as a woman. Nope, before Thor there was Achilles, whose mother, Thetis, forced him to dress up as a girl so he could draft-dodge the Trojan War. (Uh, good luck with that, Thetis. Can you imagine this guy passing for a girl?) Kind of like Thor, though, Achilles was too "manly" to really play the part well. When the crafty Odysseus placed some weapons in front of him, Achilles just couldn't resist. Since, in the mind of an ancient Greek, love of weapons = dude, Achilles' girlish cover was blown and he was forced to fight in the war.

Thor also wasn't the last reluctant male cross-dresser. In the 1959 classic Some Like it Hot, two male musicians join an all-female traveling band in order to hide out from the mob. Their cover is threatened by their "manliness," in this case one guy's attraction to the drop-dead gorgeous singer "Sugar Kane" (played by Marilyn Monroe). In 2000 the American Film Institute named Some Like It Hot the "greatest American comedy film of all time." Lots of other movies have taken the hint:

  • In 1993, Robin Williams lit his fake boobs on fire as he played a nanny/housekeeper in Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • In 2000, Martin Lawrence starred an FBI agent going undercover as a tough grandma in Big Mamma's House.
  • In 2004, the Wayans brothers jumped on the male cross-dressing bandwagon with White Chicks.
  • And in 2011, ABC is trying to cash in on the tried-and-true formula with a new sitcom, Work It, about men pretending to be women in order to get jobs.

So admit it: men in drag are hilarious. And men who are forced to dress in drag? That's even better, especially when the guy in question is a muscleman like Thor. There's just something about all that macho energy bundled into women's clothing that tickles our funny bones. Maybe we like it because the difficulty the manly man has in "passing" as a girl confirms what we think we know about gender and sex roles. Or maybe it's fun for women, in particular, to watch a man have to deal with the trials women go through every day.

Whatever the reason, the reluctant drag queen's universal appeal makes him a familiar cultural icon. So go ahead, add one more to the pile and watch what happens as Thor the Thunder God tries to pass for a blushing bride.

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Movie or TV Productions

Thor (2011)
The basic premise of this movie, based on the <em>Thor</em> Marvel comic books, is that Thor has been kicked out of Asgard by his father Odin because of bad behavior.

"The Mighty Thor" (1966)
Thor was the focus of an animated TV episode, also from Marvel comics, soon after the debut of his comic books.

The Avengers (2012)
Thor makes regular appearances as a member of this superhero team.


Thor: God of Thunder
Marvel Comics and Sega team up to bring you <em>Thor: The Video Game.</em> The weapon of choice is a hammer, of course.

Historical Documents

Here's the first written version of the story of the "Theft of Thor's Hammer" from the 13th-century <em>Poetic Edda.</em>

Codex Regius
Here's a picture of the manuscript in which the <em>Poetic Edda</em> is contained.


The Mighty Thor TV episode (1966)
This is awesomely cheesy. Be sure to watch the second part too.

Thor (2011)
Tons of clips from the movie and videos on the making of the movie.


Timeless Myths: Norse Mythology
This website re-tells many of the Norse myths and gives information about Norse cosmology and character profiles. This website calls "The Theft of Thor's Hammer" by the name of "Blushing Bride."
Another good website, with stories organized by the main character.

Encyclopedia Mythica
This "encyclopedia" is kind of like a dictionary of mythology. It's not that pretty, but it is useful.


D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths
A classic of mythical anthologies, with beautiful artwork.

Kevin Crossley-Holland's The Norse Myths
Renowned young adult literature author Kevin Crossley-Holland tackles Norse mythology.

Images & Artwork (Copyrighted and Unsure)

Thor (2011) Movie Poster
Featuring an ominous-looking Thor and his hammer.

Marvel's Thor
Here's how Thor looks in the Marvel comic books.

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