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The Theft of Thor's Hammer Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

In "Little Red Riding Hood," a dangerous foe dresses up as a harmless female and must come up with excuses to justify his "strange voice," "big ears," "big eyes," and especially, "big teeth." Sound familiar? It sure should. Just like Thor, the wolf dresses up as a woman (in this case, Red's grandma) to get what he wants. And his disguise isn't entirely convincing.

There is an interesting difference between these stories, though. In "Little Red Riding Hood," we're rooting for Red, not for the wolf dressed up as her grandma. In "The Theft of Thor's Hammer," on the other hand, we're totally on the side of the guy in who's in disguise. Which makes us wonder, do you feel bad for Thrym? Even just a smidge?

(Need a refresher course on "Little Red Riding Hood"? Read several versions of the story here.)

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