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The Theft of Thor's Hammer Freyja

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While Thor and Loki are playing roles that are unusual for them, Freyja's right back where she started as a pawn in a war between the races. Freyja first came to the Aesir gods from a different, older race of gods, the Vanir. She was traded along with her father, Njord, and her brother, Frey, as a peace hostage in the Aesir-Vanir war.

After she came to live in Asgard, she quickly became known as the most beautiful of all goddesses, the jewel in the Aesir crown (which is exactly how Thrym characterizes her – as part of his gemstone collection). By asking for her, Thrym is asking for the Aesir to humble themselves by giving up their pride and joy. Freyja seems to know that the gods won't trade her for Thor's hammer. She's way too valuable to them. As a Vanir goddess, Freyja knows magic and possesses magical objects. Although she's not about to be traded to Thrym, she's more than willing to help out by lending her magical feather dress to Loki and her famous necklace, Brisingamen, to Thor.

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