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The Theft of Thor's Hammer Loki

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Thor's not the only character who's playing a slightly different role than he's used to. Instead of causing a headache for the other gods, here Loki helps them out. He actually hasn't stolen Thor's hammer. But once he finds out that it's missing, his characteristic braininess and quick-thinking help Thor both to find out where it's gone and maintain his cover as Freyja. As it turns out, Loki isn't jus a colossal pain in the butt; he's also an awesome sidekick – when he's in the mood, that is.

"The Theft of Thor's Hammer" helps us to understand why, for all the trouble he usually causes, the Norse gods keep Loki around. They kind of need him in situations like this. Not only is he brainy and waaay better at dressing in drag than Thor, but also, as the child of giants himself, he serves as a go-between for the two races. Loki: can't live with him, can't live without him.

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