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Theseus: The Minotaur and the Labyrinth

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Superheroes are where it's at these days, right? It seems like every week there's some new superpowered hero filling up the seats of America's movie theaters. If it's not the X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America, it's Harry Potter, or some action star blowing up the bad guys for the enjoyment of us all. There's no getting around it: we love our heroes.

All of this hero-worship is proof positive that we really aren't so different from the ancient Greeks. For real, all you have to do is take a glance at the stories of heroes like Theseus to see that the Greeks got just as excited as we do about stories of super powered heroes kicking a lot of bad guy booty. Heck, Theseus is even the star of his own 2011 film spectacular, Immortals. Check out the trailer here.

In this entry, we Shmoop you through Theseus's wildest and craziest adventure. The young hero fearlessly goes head to horns with the Minotaur, a monster with the head of a bull, the muscle-bound body of a man, and a taste for human flesh. How could that not be awesome? So, lean forward and devour this tale, but beware: if you're not careful, it might just devour you.

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Theseus: The Minotaur and the Labyrinth Resources


A great site for all Greeky things.

Lonely Planet
Go on your own quest to Crete.

Meet the Minoans
Learn all about the ancient Minoan culture of Crete.


Theseus takes on the Titans is this spectacular adventure.

Another story about the bull-man eating people.

Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur
Wait a minute...what's Hercules doing fighting the Minotaur?

Sinbad and the Minotaur
What? Sinbad now too? This is totally out of control.

The Minotaur, Wild Beast of Crete
We have a feeling this movie is so bad that it's good.

Video Games

Play Free Online
Play a video game version of Theseus and the Minotaur.

God of War 2
Theseus summons lots of minotaurs to fight against Kratos.


Check out the trailer for the epic action adventure starring Theseus.


The Life of Theseus by Plutarch
The Life of Theseus by Plutarch.

Library of History of Didorus Siculus
Library of History of Didorus Siculus.

Fabulae by Hyginius
Fabulae by Hyginius.

Images & Artwork (Public Domain)

Deep Thoughts
The Minotaur looking contemplative.

Theseus gives the Minotaur a beat-down.

Yay, Theseus
Good day for Theseus/bad day for Minotaur.

Wooing Ariadne
Ariadne should have thought a little harder before she trusted this guy.

Ariadne, Abandoned
Even Cupid cried when Theseus abandoned Ariadne.

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