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Theseus - The Captains of the Football Team (Jocks)

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The Captains of the Football Team (Jocks)

Theseus totally fits in with this clique of popular dudes. They slurp their Monster Milks, flex their muscles, and strategize about how they are going to win the next "game." Oh, and the ladies are swarming.

Gilgamesh (Sumerian)

Gilgamesh was the awesome Sumerian/Babylonian king of Uruk. Like Perseus, he's a hero and the mortal son of a god. He is the star of The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem about his adventures and his quest for immortality and eternal life. Just like Perseus, Gilgamesh gets into lots of trouble and defeats some pretty gross monsters.

King Arthur and Knights (English)

King Arthur is the rockin' warrior and star of some very famous legends. His story and adventures have been told and retold over time. He is kind of the Michael Jordan of European warriors. Does the phrase, "the knights of the round table," or the name "Guinevere" ring bells in your mind? Well, King Arthur is basically the first knight in shining armor, and Guinevere was his ladylove who betrayed him by falling in love with Sir Lancelot. King Arthur's legends are still alive and well. Everyone loves a good King Arthur tale.

Cuchullain (Irish)

Cuchullain is a rad hero found in Celtic legends. He had a trusty, deadly spear that slaughtered anything that came in its path. Legend has it that Cuchullain was offered immortality, but he turned it down. In battle, he is often described as being monster-like, because he gets so worked up.

Superman (American)

That's right. You heard us. Superman also belongs in this jock clique. He's a very important American legend who has plenty of adventures and who soars above any obstacles that come his way.

Thor (Norse)

Thor is the muscleman of the Norse gods. He's the guy Odin goes to when he needs an enforcer – somebody to "enforce" his commands, and we don't mean by asking nicely. Nope, Thor uses his physical might to intimidate and threaten others – especially those pesky giants – into doing exactly what he wants. To help him, he's got a magical hammer and special iron gloves, both made of the finest dwarvish craftsmanship. He also wears a magical belt that gives him twice his normal strength. Since Thor is already huge and massively strong, you can bet that nobody wants to mess with him.

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