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Theseus - Student Court

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Student Court

When there's a dispute on campus that needs to get solved, this clique swoops in to make sure that justice gets served. Despite what you might think, Theseus totally fits into this clique. Sure, Theseus is known as a big-time hero always ready for a fight and a major Don Juan who leaves a string of broken hearts in his wake. But he is also the dude that brings law and order to Athens. His name even means "to set" or "to order." So yeah, this definitely gets him a spot in this justice-serving clique.

Nemesis and The Furies

According to some mythologies, these punishment-bringing ladies are often thought to be sisters. They all come complete with wings, a whip, and a burning desire to make evildoers pay.

Themis (Justitia, Lady Justice)

This Titan goddess was Zeus's wife before Hera and was kind of like the grandmamma of all the Greek goddesses of justice. Being the big mamma in the sky, she's usually in charge of divine law and order, not messing around with the day-to-day rights and wrongs of humans. Like a lot of justice goddesses, her best friend is her set of scales. Later on, she became Lady Justice and was shown wearing a blindfold and holding a double-edged sword along with her scales.


Dike is Themis's daughter by Zeus, and just like her Mom, she is all about justice. While Themis was more into heavenly law and order, Dike makes sure everything is going like it ought to down on Earth. Dike is thought of as one of the Horai (the Hours), and along with her sisters Eunomia (Good Order) and Eirene (Peace), she helps guard the gates of Olympus. Dike's main enemy is a demoness named Adikia (Injustice). Whenever she gets a chance, Dike likes to beat her trouble-causing rival with a club. Sounds like a fun party game, right?


This Egyptian goddess of justice hangs out in the Land of the Dead and has a pretty cool system for checking to see if your ka (or soul) is good enough for ever lasting. Basically, she puts your ka on one side of a scale and a feather on the other. If your soul is lighter than the feather, then—hurray!—you can look forward to a happy, blessed afterlife. If your soul is heavier than a feather, though, you get gulped down by Ammit, a hippo-crocodile-lion monster. So we suggest that before you go visit Ammit, you take your ka to the gym or something.


Forseti is a Norse god of justice and order who spends his time chilling in a shining golden courtroom with a brilliant silver ceiling. (Evidently, there aren't many budget cuts in Norse mythology land.) You have nothing to fear when you stand before Forseti—if you're innocent, at least. From what everybody says, he's fair and impartial and never makes a mistake.

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