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According to Marvel Comics, Thor is 6'6" and weighs 640 lbs! (source).

Thursday takes its name from Thor. It comes from the Old English word Þunresdæg, which means “Þunor’s day.” Þunor was the Old English name for Thor (source: Oxford English Dictionary, “Thursday”).

Wonder why Thor is associated with the oak tree, and not some other large tree? The reason for the association is that the oak tree was more likely to be struck by lightning than other trees. Since Thor was the god of thunder and lightning, it was only natural to attach him to the mighty oak (source).

Many medieval Scandinavians wore small Thor’s hammer (Mjollnir) pendants around their necks. Why? Because they're cool. Also, at the time Scandinavians were converting to Christianity like whoa. Some historians think that people began wearing Thor’s hammer around their necks in order to rebel against Christianity (source: Gods And Myths Of Northern Europe, p. 81).

In the legend of the Christianization of Germany, St. Boniface begins to convert the Germanic pagans by publicly chopping down an oak tree that Thor loved. When Boniface fails to be struck by Thor’s lightning, the pagans agreed to convert to Christianity (source: "Vita Bonifatii Auctore Willibaldo," in Wilhelm Levison's Vitae Sancti Bonifati Archiepiscopi Moguntini. Hahn. pp. 1–58., p. 31).

One time, Thor ate a whole ox, eight salmon, and a barrel of ale. In one sitting.

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