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Virginia Woolf's gender-bending character, Orlando, is a superhero in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic book series. And gender-bending Tiresias is said to be his/her dad. Ah, literary remix.

Tiresias recommends you check out for information on new technologies for the blind.

Christopher Lee, who you may know better as Saruman or Count Dooku, played Tiresias in the TV version of Homer's Odyssey. (Tiresias kind of wishes they got somebody with a less creepy character roster to play him.)

Tiresias was the name of a champion racehorse in England. (The jury is out on whether he could see into to future or not.)

In O Brother Where Art Thou?, a movie loosely based on the Odyssey, Tiresias is represented by an old blind African American man on a railroad handcar. Cool.

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