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"Wadjet" means "green one." This is a reference to both her sexy, snaky color and the swampy area she created for herself in the Delta of Egypt. (Source.)

Wadjet Eye Games named itself after the cobra goddess. By bringing adventures to life for gamers, it honors the protectress of the ultimate adventurer—pharaoh himself.

Want your own Wadjet? Go digital on Neopets—your pet will get its own "petpet," which can include a serpentine sweetie called Wadjet.

The band Wadjet Eye doesn't come from the desert—in fact, its members hail from Denver, Colorado. It does jam, though, to good ol' rock and roll.

Egypt had its own empire, but Wadjet ruled supreme. In Age of Empires, she was a magical and poisonous snake that could fight humans and destroy them.

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