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The Overprotective Ones

These gods and goddesses love protecting their kings, queens, family, and friends—perhaps a little more so than is needed. Whether it's making them peanut butter sandwiches before they go to school, or fussing over every last detail, they love checking up on their loved ones. You can find them on the phone, texting and calling their BFFs until late hours.

The Lares

The lares are the Roman gods that hover over the residents of a particular area—and everybody around them. The lares don't really have their own individual identities, but, together, they form a supergroup. Each group of lares protects its own special group; some focus on the family, while others love seafaring folk and make sure they don't drown.

Mumba Devi

The patron goddess of the Indian city of Mumbai, this deity is worshipped by many folks who love their hometown. Once upon a time, a giant, Mumbarak, lived in what is now Mumbai and prayed that the gods would make him invincible; he then started bothering all the big gods in India. One special goddess took it on herself to teach him a lesson; she mixed her name with his to create a new moniker: "Mumba Devi."


Lamaria likes hanging out in the western Caucasus in southern Russia. She protects her lady friends that reside in the area and hovers over the hearth to make sure nobody gets burned. She's also got ties to the Virgin Mary: Lamaria took some of the major mama's name to bump up her cred.

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