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Wadjet - Snaky Sweeties

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Snaky Sweeties

If you don't like serpents, stay away from this clique. They slither around the cafeteria, scaring people into giving up their lunch money or their desserts. After lunch, they might coil up and take a long nap in the shade of a large tree or rock.


This Fijian creator god has a huge crush on Wadjet, but tries not to let it show. A mega-snake, he likes to hide in his cave at Na Kauvadra in Fiji, where he enjoys hanging out with the other gods of Fiji. You can find Degei playing with his pet dove or sleeping the day away in his cave.


An important Aztec god, Quetzy loves trying to rhyme his own name with things ("pretzel" is his top choice so far). He's got gorgeous green feathers that he shows off when strutting around the cafeteria. Quetzy's probably most famous for leading the Aztecs to the site where they founded their capital city in Mexico—the place that became Tenochtitlan.


Who doesn't love an Old Prussian snake god? Hanging out in what is now Lithuania/Poland, Auslavis isn't a big fan of chilling with gods outside of his own pantheon, so his best friend is Ausautas, god of health. Ausautas balances out Auslavis, who is the lord of bad health and weakness.

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