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The War of the Titans The Titans

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The Titans

The Titans are everywhere in pop culture. It would take entirely too much space to go over every Titan that's appeared over the last several hundred years, but just to throw out a few:

The Titanic. You know that ship that sank with Leonardo DiCaprio on it? It was named after the Greek bad boys.
Several football teams are named after these guys, including the Tennessee Titans.
One of Saturn's moons is named Titan.

Pretty varied list, wouldn't you say? What do they all have in common? Well, the word Titan has come to represent a massive, unstoppable force in much the same way that the word Gaia has come to represent anything and everything environmental.

If you want to go head-to-head with the Titans yourself than you should most definitely check out the Sony Computer Entertaining and Capcom Studies' popular God of War video game series. And if you're a comic book fan, you might enjoy the exploits of the Teen Titans, a young version of the Justice League of America.

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