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Zeus (Jupiter) - The Leaders of the Pack

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The Leaders of the Pack

Zeus is the king of the Greek gods. He eats lunch with the other VIP leaders on the front steps of school, where he can watch everything that goes on. He and the other kings and rulers strategize how to win battles, how to rule their people, and how to enforce laws.

There are many parallel gods to Zeus in other cultures. It seems like the vast majority of polytheistic religions (religions with many gods) have some sort of supreme, usually male, ruler. Zeus' closest counterpart was the Roman god Jupiter, who was pretty much the exact same deity with a different name. Jupiter, like Zeus, was thought of as the ultimate king of the gods.


Another pantheon, another mighty king. Odin is the king of the Norse gods. Like Zeus, he's the father of a huge list of heroes – some gods, and others mortal, many of them the product of one-night-stands with human women. Unlike Zeus, though, Odin is quite an intellectual and loves poetry.


Indra is the king of the Hindu gods. Like Zeus, he's also associated with lightning.

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