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Adonais Stanza 14

By Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Stanza 14

Lines 118-126

    All he had lov'd, and moulded into thought,
    From shape, and hue, and odour, and sweet sound,
    Lamented Adonais. Morning sought
    Her eastern watch-tower, and her hair unbound,
    Wet with the tears which should adorn the ground,
    Dimm'd the aëreal eyes that kindle day;
    Afar the melancholy thunder moan'd,
    Pale Ocean in unquiet slumber lay,
And the wild Winds flew round, sobbing in their dismay.

  • Everything that Adonais loved was sad to see him go, even inanimate objects. 
  • Even the morning wept for him, with "aëreal" eyes (eyes that look through the air). Giving human feelings to inanimate things is an example of Shelley's use of personification
  • A few more personified mourners show up: the thunder, the ocean, and the winds. Man, this dead youth sure was a popular guy.

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