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anyone who lived in a pretty how town Summary

By Edward Estlin Cummings

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anyone who lived in a pretty how town Summary

We start by learning that some guy named "anyone" lived in a pretty how town. He does his thing and lives his life day by day, singing about the stuff he's never done and dancing about the stuff he has. His town doesn't sound all that friendly because the women and men apparently don't care about anyone at all. They're too concerned with raising a bunch of boring kids who are all alike.

The kids in anyone's town think that a woman named "noone" is in love with him. But they stop caring as they (the kids) grow older and turn into adults who don't care about anyone. All the while, the seasons keep turning and time keeps passing. And it looks like the kids were right. Noone and anyone are totally in love and they share almost every emotion with one another. While anyone and noone are in love, the other people in the pretty how town get married and have kids and repeat the same cycle of American life. They all laugh and they all cry and then… they eventually die.

One day, anyone finally dies and noone is there to kiss his face when he's laid in his coffin. Noone dies not long after and she is buried next to anyone. Meanwhile, the people of the pretty little town move on with their lives and keep having kids and laughing and crying and dying. The seasons keep spinning and it all keeps happening, over and over.

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