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Caedmon's Hymn Poem Text

By Caedmon

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Caedmon's Hymn: Text of the Poem

Nu sculon heriġean                     heofonriċes Weard   

Now we must praise                    heaven-kingdom's Guardian,

Meotodes meahte                        and his modġeþanc 

the Measurer's might                   and his mind-plans,

weorc Wuldor-Fæder                  swa he wundra ġehwæs

the work of the Glory-Father,      when he of wonders of every one,

eċe Drihten                                or onstealde

eternal Lord,                              the beginning established.

He ærest sceop                          ielda bearnum

He first created                          for men's sons

heofon to hrofe                          haliġ Scyppend

heaven as a roof,                       holy Creator,

ða middanġeard                        moncynnes Weard

then middle-earth                      mankind's Guardian,

eċe Drihten                              æfter teode

eternal Lord,                            afterwards made—

firum foldan                            Frea ælmihtiġ

for men earth,                         Master almighty.

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